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Date: 10/01/2016

Loma Linda Elementary

A Fresh Look for the Teachers Lounge

4 spots left

School Details

Loma Linda Elementary

2002 E Clarendon Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85016

Project Leader


Ross Richardson

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About this project

Our Loma Linda teachers and staff work so hard and it would be great to have a space that they could really call their own when they have a few minutes of down time. The Teachers Lounge on our campus needs a complete overhaul! A fresh coat of paint and some shabby chic decorations could go a long way - even some furniture would help the environment in the lounge, maybe a couch or some tables and chairs that take them away from the classroom feel for their lunch time. Cleaning out and organizing the cabinets in the lounge would also be appreciated as our teachers don't have time to ever get this task done. Donations of supplies are always welcome as well. Specifically for the teachers lounge, we are always in need of plates, napkins forks, spoons. To make our teachers feel really special, they love K-cups for coffee and tea as well as some easy to grab snacks for when they are on the run and don't have a minute to sit and enjoy lunch.

Loma Linda is also hosting a School Supply Drive on October 1st in partnership with Farmers Insurance and we would LOVE to have this supply drive promoted and supported by members of the community outside of our school. Any donations of school supplies are welcome and we are especially looking for #2 pencils, dry-erase markers, notebooks, glue sticks, disinfecting wipes, hand sanitizer and tissue boxes.


Project Updates

"Love Our Schools Day" Details

First of all, thank you so much for stepping up to serve our local schools this Saturday.  We wanted to make sure that we provide you with some details.

When: October 1st; 8-1130a
Where: Loma Linda Elementary; 2002 E Clarendon Ave; Phoenix

Here is the information that I received from the school principal, Stephanie DeMar, with what we can expect.

1)  Stephanie will provide us with a tour.  This will be a great opportunity to learn more about the school and future opportunities to assist.

2)  Teacher's Lounge - painting and cleaning.  She also asked about supplying the lounge with K-Cups and snacks.  My wife will put together a snack list Saturday morning and will head to the store.  If you know of anybody that has an extra couch and table/chairs laying around, please let me know as we would like to supply these items at some point for the lounge.

3)  Science Lab - organizing, throwing out old materials and deep cleaning.  She mentioned that the room was a MESS.  

Please let me know if you have any questions and we look forward to serving alongside of you.  

Have a great day.

Ross Richardson
Campus Pastor - Midtown

Posted over 3 years ago by Ross Richardson