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Date: 10/01/2016

Desert Garden School


18 spots left

School Details

Desert Garden School

7020 W Ocotillo Rd
Glendale, AZ 85303

Project Leader


Roger Theis

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About this project

WHAT: Outside landscaping and cleaning.  Various tasks could include raking, weed pulling, trash removal, sweeping, planting, trimming, and any other basic school grounds beautification tasks.

WHEN: October 1st, 2016 8am-1130am

WHY: Maintaining a school campus is a huge task so when we support the school’s maintenance staff it gives them time to focus on needed school projects and provides students with a great learning environment! 

WHO: 20+ volunteers…Kids welcome, must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

PLEASE BRING: a pair of garden and/or work gloves.  Project leader will provide updates as we get closer to the project date regarding supplies.


Project Updates

See you tomorrow morning

Thanks for volunteering, see you at Desert Garden Elementary School tomorrow morning, Oct 1st at 8am
Location: 7020 W Ocotillo Rd, Glendale, AZ 85303

If you can bring a hand trimmer/pruner if you have one to use on the Desert Garden that would be fantastic.

Roger Theis - 623.210.8544

Posted almost 4 years ago by Roger Theis

Providing TLC to the school's namesake Desert Garden

I talked to the principal and they seem to have their daily maintenance under control.  What needs some TLC is their namesake Desert Garden, a 20'x20' garden on campus that used to have defined paths, etc.  It's over grown and the volunteer that started and maintained it is no longer able to do it.  We will be taking care of this so if volunteers could bring the following that would help:
A few hand trimmers and one larger one (I don't quite know the size of things)
A few plastic yard trash bags
A few rakes and shovels

Thank you.  Roger Theis

Posted almost 4 years ago by Roger Theis